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In 2016, our 12 year old daughter, Bella, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone cancer called osteosarcoma.  A few weeks before Bella's 15th birthday, we received the devastating news that the cancer was growing and spreading after two years of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.


The day that we decided to enter hospice, while awaiting a trip to Atlanta to inquire about other types of treatment, was devastating! However,  Brian, the President from Skyla Strong came into our room, offering Bella and us the trip of a lifetime!! For a few moments, we forgot about our cancer journey and then began planning Bella's dream trip.  Every day for almost three weeks, Bella was so excited with anticipation.  This trip gave her hope and strength to keep fighting.


Bella decided that she wanted to go to Disney World for her 15th birthday.  At this point, travelling by car or plane was next to impossible due to Bella’s fragile medical condition. However, Brian arranged for us to fly on a private jet reducing our wait and flight time which truly made this trip possible.  Brian graciously allowed Bella to invite a close friend to travel with us and took care of EVERYTHING. It was all BEYOND our wildest dreams!  He arranged for us to stay at a top Disney Resort for 3 nights with an extremely generous monetary gift allowance for food and gifts, making sure that everything was covered. We were so blessed by Skyla Strong to be able to spend Bella's last and most special birthday in Disney on  her 15th birthday. We will cherish these memories forever!


During our lowest moment, Skyla Strong made the impossible…possible - fulfilling one of Bella's dreams!  We are grateful for their extreme generosity bestowed upon our family during the last weeks of Bella's life, giving her hope and us memories to last a lifetime! God Bless You Skyla Strong and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


With Love and Gratitude,

Dorin & Brenda Muntean


When I think about Skyla Strong, I obviously think about Skyla.  She is my cousins daughter, so we were close to her, and the tears just flow.  Skyla was so brave during her battle.  Every time we went to see her, if she wasn't pranking or harassing us, it was the

nurses or doctors.  She kept everyone on their toes and always with a smile.  I know she had days that were just plain unbearable but her faith in Jesus and her care team was quite extraordinary.


The fact that her parents wanted to start a foundation in her name shows what a Warrior she was. They, as well as Skyla, have touched more lives than they will ever know. The joy a child receives from Skyla Strong, from the fun things to do, to the Krispy Kreme donuts, make it so worth wanting to give to this wonderful foundation.


What the family has been through has given them the strength to be able to reach out and help others. To let these children live their best lives. The children are so brave and their families are as well so to have Skyla Strong supporting them, while truly understanding what they are going through, has made a huge difference in so many lives already.

We will continue to support Skyla Strong in any way that we can.  We hope it can continue to grow and reach as many families as possible.  Watching them go through this journey gives us a renewed strength.


We love them and the heart they have to support others on this journey.


Sincerely and with Love,

The Rajala Family/ ACR Enterprises LLC


Our family would like to thank the Forcier family/Skyla Strong Foundation for the all that they’ve done for us!  We were able to bond, have fun & make memories with Trenton before his passing!  He was up all day & night talking about the picnic & the boating trip. He said that those were the best experiences with his family he’s ever had. You guys are truly a blessing!



The Allens

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